Bicycle Retailer - Roll: Bicycle Company begins selling customizable bikes online

COLUMBUS, Ohio (BRAIN) – Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, retailer Stuart Hunter, who owns four Roll: Bicycle Company shops in Ohio, has begun delivery of his new line of custom bikes.

The Roll: Bicycle Company bikes are available online and can be customized to suit the rider's needs and tastes. Each Sport, City or Adventure model can be configured in 12 frame and component color combinations using the online bike-builder tool. Rides can also choose from an array of accessories and upgrades to further tailor their bike to fit their needs and personal style.

Hunter said that through the Roll: brand he hopes to provide a unique customer experience to help alleviate fears and challenges many consumers experience in bicycle retail, and deliver a high-quality and personalized bike.

"What got me into bikes is pretty simple. I loved biking as a kid, and after a successful career in retail design, I was looking to get back into shape," said Hunter, who opened the first Roll: retail store in 2005. "My experience trying to buy a bike for myself wasn't good, and just didn't make any sense to me as a customer or a designer. Building on the experience in our shops and by leveraging technology with the roll: Bicycle Company, we are now able to build the bikes that we want to ride ourselves, and to share that experience in a very personal way with a much wider group of likeminded riders, one bike at a time."

The bikes are also custom fit to the rider via Roll:'s proprietary perfect fit system, which uses three body measurements provided by the customer. Once bike size is determined, the tool then calculates the optimal saddle height and cockpit set up, including handlebar height. The bikes are ready for pick-up at a Roll: retail location or delivery in 48 hours. Each bike is assembled by hand in Ohio and ship for free in the U.S. in a flatpack box. Customers can finish assembly in four steps using a provided tool. Roll:'s bike models start at $699.

Roll: also provides a '50 Days to Ride' guarantee to ensure customers get the exact bike they are looking for.

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