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Road Trip Stop #1: Asheville, NC

Road Trip Stop #1: Asheville, NC

First Stop: Asheville, NC

I drove down the night before and found a place to park and set up camp just north of town right on the parkway. It was absolutely beautiful watching the sun rise over the valley of the mountains and drinking coffee. Just after sunrise I started my ride up the Blue Ridge Parkway up to the top of Mount Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi river. The valley was covered with clouds and it looked like a big lake. The ride was just over 50 miles and well over 6,000 feet of climbing. Check out my ride on Strava here.

After the ride I needed some food. Sam from Liberty Bicycles recommended Doc Brown’s BBQ. It was fantastic, it’s a bit of a drive from downtown but well worth the trip. More coffee was needed for the mid-afternoon slump so I went to Izzy’s Coffee Den and relaxed for a bit before heading out for a night in Downtown Asheville.

My vegetarian buddy, Sebastian, from Reser Bicycle Outfitters in Cincinnati is a regular to Asheville and recommended Plant for some vegan and vegetarian fare. I am an omnivore but do love a plant based meal, especially after the meat induced coma I entered after Doc Brown's. I finished the evening off with a few phenomenal beers from Wicked Weed Brewing. The Coolcumber was perfect for a warm summer night!

Asheville is a great place to visit! The mountains are breathtaking and the food and drink options downtown make it a great place to get away for a long weekend. 

John K.


roll: Model Pelotonia17 Bike Raffle

roll: Model Pelotonia17 Bike Raffle

If you own a bike and live in anywhere close to the proximity of Columbus, Ohio chances are you have either participated in or have seen first hand the impact that Pelotonia has had on our community in its mission towards One Goal. Through our shops, roll: has been proud to support the event and it's many riders and pelotons since the beginning, provided opportunities to give back to the community of survivors and their families to further research through our roll: Model program.

As part of our commitment in 2017 we have collaborated with Doug Ulman and the team to make a signature Pelotonia17 roll: bike, which we will be raffling off this month, with all proceeds go directly to Pelotonia.


The lucky winner will get to choose from any of our 3 bike models, design their bike online, and get a custom fit through our perfect fit process. We'll make sure their support for the cause is shown by putting it all together on a special edition Pelotonia17 branded frames. Anyone can participate, whether a Pelotonia rider, their friends and family or someone who saw this on Facebook and just wanted to win a new bike. 

We will be attending the opening ceremonies on Friday, August 4, where well be showing off the Pelotonia17 bikes, and selling tickets for the raffle in person. Come down to enjoy the festivities, and show your support for the riders and volunteers before we ride on Saturday.

Raffle tickets can also be purchased until the end of August at any of our stores as well as here on our website, and there is no limit on the number of entries per person.

Pelotonia is one of the biggest charity rides in the US and has raised over $130 million for cancer research and sees nearly 8,000 riders participate each year since the first time the event went on in 2009. Join us in our support of one goal, to end cancer. 


GOBA 2017: Cut Short But Still a Great Time for Chad on His A:1

GOBA 2017: Cut Short But Still a Great Time for Chad on His A:1

I had the pleasure of making the trip from Salt Lake City to Columbus to ride (most of, I’ll get to that) the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure, or GOBA, this year on a borrowed A:1 Adventure.  I joined 1499 others including my Ohio Friends, Marc, Scott, and Vargas, pseudo GOBA vets, as we rode around North West Ohio.  Being from the high desert out west, I was really excited to ride a flat route at sea level!  I am by no means a cycling addict.  GOBA was the first organized ride that I had ever done.  Many years ago I used to ride a lot of street to train for swim team and a couple of sprint triathlons.  The last few years I have been working on regaining my mountain bike skills from college, but this was new to me!

I was able to get the borrowed roll: A:1 from my colleague at Vertiv, Greg R. a couple days before the ride began.  My first impressions were great, I choose the A:1 over his Trek race bike.  At first I found myself looking for the front derailleur levers, but quickly figured out that I didn’t need anything but the ten gears on the rear.  I took the bike out for a test ride along the Alum Creek Trail in Columbus.  What a great bike!  I am used to more mountain biking than road biking, so the flat bars and upright riding style suited me just fine!  Being a little taller than Greg, I was able to move the handlebars up a couple inches with only few minutes of tweaking. Sitting a little more upright was just what I needed.  With the bike set up, I was able to strap on handlebar and seat bags, and I was ready to roll.

We started on Saturday in Findlay, OH at the fairgrounds.  We arrived, registered, and set up camp for the night.  Findlay has a really nice downtown!  We ate at Logan’s Irish Pub and stopped by a cool bike shop called Muddy River Bicycle, but the highlight of the night was the Fern Cafe.  Bright and early on Sunday morning we rolled out towards Tiffin.  The first ¾ of the 50ish miles for the day was with the wind, and was a great warm up.  We made great time and arrived at Hedges-Boyer Park to spend the night. 

Monday was the first rest day (or, for the more dedicated riders, a loop to Bellevue and back).  We spent the day walking around Tiffin, enjoying any microbrews we could locate, and playing Frisbee golf at the park.  The Clover Club and MST Pub and Grub were the hot spots in town.  Weather was decent except for a microburst that caused a handful of people to head to the store to replace their tents.

Tuesday we were back on the road after some coffee and Chris Cakes.  It was awesome to ride the back roads of Ohio, even riding against a pretty solid wind most of the day.  Our rest and lunch stops were in small towns along the way, all of which showed amazing hospitality!  From Tiffin, we headed south to Upper Sandusky where we spent the night at the fairgrounds.  The Rose Bud Tavern was the highlight of that night.

Wednesday we were back at it, heading to Bellefountaine.  We rode through some beautiful Amish country and arrived at the Bellefountaine High School.  I got a flat, and quickly threw on a new tube and continued.  I grabbed a spare tube from Dan at Breakaway Cycles who was in the middle of rebuilding the crank of an old Schwinn for a teen age girl.  He is great guy!  Thursday was another rest day (or the century loop if your butt was up for it.  Mine was not).  I highly recommend having a flight at Brewfountaine downtown.  We got back from town and learned that it was supposed to be a really bad night of weather that was going to carry into Friday.  We were given the option of taking down camp and moving inside the school or sending one of us back to Findlay on a bus to pick up the car and end our ride.  We had to make a quick decision, so we ended up ending our trip that night.  Thursday night would have been alright, but Friday would have been a full day of riding in the rain followed by setting up camp in the rain.  It was still disappointing, and I am sorry that I didn’t finish.  I still had legs and butt left to give, but I don’t have any regrets.  I was able to ride 150 miles of our planned 250 (the hardcore folks did 400 miles that week).  We sat out on Friday, but took a ride on the Ohio to Erie trial to get in 40 more miles on Saturday before I headed back home on Sunday.

I had a really great week of riding with old friends.  The bike performed admirably, super smooth, solid, quiet, and easy to cruise on, along with being fun for some easy off road excursions.  Top gear, at an easy pace, was around 18MPH, and I never got close to low gear on the small hills we encountered.  Now all that is left is to figure out how to get one of my own…. Or maybe the S:1 Sport model.

Chad Eiring