We are roll:

We're a small team of people with a big appetite to make a real difference in the way that people ride. The roll: bicycle company was born out of our love for bikes and a decade of experience in building and working in our own bike shops. Our bikes have been crafted and shaped by those 10 years of living, loving and wrenching on bikes in our shops every single day. 

What we want.

We order our clothes how we like, our cars how we like, our coffee how like, our furniture how we like, and even our running shoes how we like. But we couldn’t order a bike how we liked. It didn't make sense, and after 10 years running our own shops, it still didn't make any sense. So we’ve set out to build the bike and the bicycle company we’ve always wanted.
  • We want to build kick ass, modern bikes that look really damn good.
  • And we want to be able to personalize them and to make them our own.
  • We want quality and performance better than anything else out there.
  • And we want to go anywhere and do anything we want with our bikes.


The roll: Bicycle Company Way

1. Created by you.

2. Fit to you.

3. Built to order.

4. Shipped for free.