We encourage you to make a friend of your local independent bike shop for all your service and maintenance needs. They have the skills and experience to keep you on the road and enjoying your ride for life. If you live near a roll: shop all our bikes come with free lifetime adjustments, and a 10% discount on all our Recommended Service packages.

With regular attention, Bikes can be as easy to maintain as they are to ride. We recommend the following for our bikes based on regular use and basic adjustments throughout the year.

Basic Tune-Up:  $89 plus parts

The Basic Tune Up is designed to care for your bike and your body with the periodic basic maintenance and roll:perfect Fit adjustments needed to ensure your bike is a safe and comfortable ride. Included in this package:

  • Inspect and adjust drivetrain systems
  • Inspect and adjust brake systems
  • Spot true wheels on the bike
  • All bearing surfaces adjusted
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Torque all bolts and fasteners

Annual Tune-Up: $179 plus parts

The Annual Tune Up is designed with frequent use and performance in mind. It includes the time to install new control cables, housing, and handlebar tape or grips to make sure your bike not only shifts and brakes smoothly, but feels great, and looks fresh as well. Included in this package:

  • All Basic Tune-Up services, plus:
  • Wheels removed and trued in the stand
  • Drivetrain is removed and deep cleaned
  • New control cables and housing installed
  • New handlebar tape or grips installed
  • Di2 / ETAP firmware updates

Bike Overhaul: $269 plus parts

A Bike Overhaul is recommended annually for riders who put frequent hours, and miles on their equipment. It includes the inspections and preventative maintenance needed, to ensure your bike continues to perform at the highest levels for years to come. Included in this package:

  • All Annual Tune-Up services, plus:
  • Bottom bracket removed / overhauled
  • Hubs and freewheel are overhauled
  • Headset is removed / overhauled
If you ride more or less than average, the service team at your shop will be able to give you great advice on any additional service considerations to keep your bike up and running in best shape.

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