If you can change a flat tire, you will likely have no problem in assembling your new bike from our roll: Flatpack box. This video walks you through each of the 4 simple steps from flat packed to ready to ride. It also covers installation and fenders and racks if you selected them for your new bike.

rbc 1:Bike Assembly from roll: Bicycle Company on Vimeo.


Here’s a link to our written assembly instructions, that are also included with your new bike, along with all the tools you’ll need.

BEFORE YOU RIDE. For your own safety and peace of mind, we strongly recommend having your bicycle safety checked by a professional bicycle mechanic before riding it for the first time. Your warranty can be voided by improper assembly

We’re committed to make it as simple and quick as possible for you to assemble your new bike, and get out to ride. If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop us a line at hello@rollbicycles.com, we’d love to hear from you.