Gear Up for Summer: Essential Tips, for Longer Days


Whether you’re taking a quick trip to the market, a cross-town ride to your favorite park, or planning an evening out with friends, the right gear is essential for summer comfort. 
Here are four great ways, to gear up for summer!

Add Storage and Space

  1. Racks and/or a basket - Racks are a great way to extend you rides. Whether it’s going for a picnic, an early morning coffee outside, or an evening meal in the park, racks and baskets give you additional space for plenty of different needs.
  2. Bags and panniers - A great way to turn your C:1 City Bike, or any bike for that matter, into a grocery getter or campsite hauler. With panniers, you can add plenty of room for carrying things like lunch snacks, your favorite beverage, camping gear, and more.
  3. Child's seat - Load up the little ones, and take them along. With the weather so nice, get the whole family out of the house for a ride to your favorite playscape, or a quiet loop on your favorite trail.

 Basket and Rack

Be Seen, Be Heard

  1. Lights - Adding front and rear lights is a great way to extend your day, and time in the saddle. Pick a bright white light for the front, and a strong blinking red for the rear, so that you can be seen when you get out during the darker hours.
  2. Bells - A great way to be heard. When navigating trails, city paths, and roadways, a bell is a great addition to help others know you’re there.
  3. Flags - When pulling a trailer, or riding with little ones in back, a flag is a great way to elevate your presence and be seen by distant vehicles and travelers.

Knog Lights

Dress for the Ride

  1. Pick the appropriate clothing - depending on the temp, you’ll want to dress for the occasion. As the days are getting hotter, remember that you'll warm up faster. Start with layers that can be removed, stored, and put back on if you’re out late.
  2. Pick the right helmet - A helmet should fit snug, but not be constricting, and should always be approved for use on a bicycle. Another great thing to remember during the summer months, is to pick a helmet with proper ventilation.
  3. Pick the right shoes - Depending on your preferred pedal style, you’ll want to be sure you have shoes to match. Clipless pedals require the proper cleat, while flats should be your go-to choice for any daily footwear.

Summer ride


  1. Water bottle cages - Compliment your ride with a stylish cage, that will carry the bottle you prefer. While there are standard sizes, you can also step it up for oversized bottles and camping style flasks.
  2. Update your bottlesIf last season's bottles are getting grimy, a new set is a great way to start the summer. You’ll have a clean fresh drink, when you feel that heat bearing down.
  3. Hydration systems - Another great option is a bag with a water bladder. Easy to throw on, especially for longer days on the trail, you’ll have quick access to water.

Bottle and cage


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