Retail Partner Profile - Pete Kocher, Ride Brooklyn, NYC

In our latest roll: Retail Partner Spotlight, we feature Ride Brooklyn in NYC. One of our very first Retail Partners, who came on board in the very early days of our line launch and growth in other shops. Founded by Peter and Jessica Kocher,  Ride Brooklyn is a shop dedicated to providing the best possible service to a diverse collection of riders in the Brooklyn community he calls home. A spirit and ethos very much in line with our own values or respect your roots and celebrate all riders. Peter has been a long time supporter, advocate and advisor to us as we have grown from our own shops, to now working with over 180 retailers across the US. Read his thought below on where he’s heading next, the passion that drives the shop, working together with roll:

Peter Kocher Ride Brooklyn

What’s the history of the store and the people behind the shop

We opened the store in 2009 I had been working in a shop in Connecticut for a while, commuting from my home in Brooklyn. We noticed there were a lot of cyclist in the area, but not a good, “all-around” bike shop in the neighborhood - something for commuters, racers, and everyone in between. The general feeling about NYC bike shops was that they were snotty, elitist, and intimidating for the average rider. We wanted to fill that hole. To create a shop that anybody can come into, ask any questions, without judgement.

Ride Brooklyn Outside

Tell us a little bit about your shop now, and your vision for the future?

We want to expand our brand and extend our reach into the community. Potentially opening another location in the future. The next shop will be based on our original formula - find the right location and fill a need in a community.

Ride Brooklyn Shop Front

Describe the biking community and facilities of in your area?

It’s pretty good and getting better. We’re close to major bike lane with easy access to both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge - great for commuters. More and more protected bikes lanes are being built. Great for people who are not as comfortable or confident to ride on city streets.

roll: Bike in Ride Brooklyn

You came on board as one of our first Retail Partners, tell us why?

I was considering a similar concept - creating some kind of modular design would give customers the ability to create their own custom bike. Even though no one had done it, it seemed doable to us. Saw an article or an ad in Bicycle Retailer and did a little research. Reached out directly via phone to ask - how are you doing this? At this price point?  So I ordered a bike. It looked good.  It was easy to put together.  And then I rode it. I expected to hate it, but I was pleasantly surprised at well it rode After that, we signed on as a Retail Partner.

 Ride Brooklyn Inside

What’s the reaction been from your team and customers to the bikes in person?

It’s been great. We’re not afraid to put a someone on a bike from a major brand and then put them on a roll bike. The usually prefer the roll: bike And the ability to customize is fun for the customer and for us.

Jess working on a bike at Ride Brooklyn

What’s been your experience in collaborating with roll: so far?

Very good. They have been receptive to feedback and new ideas.

Open mic! What else would you like people to know about you, or about roll:?

We want people to know how much we love bikes and enjoy cycling, rom epic rides to bombing around town. And we want to share that love with customers. It is fulfilling and definitely a labor of love. Our entire crew loves to ride and getting other people to into the thing that they love to do is great. And roll fits into that role nicely. The price is attainable, and the ride feels like it should cost a lot more.

You can connect with Ride Brooklyn at the address and links below, or if you're in the area stop by and say hi to Peter and the team.

Visit Ride Brooklyn

468 Bergen St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

Get Directions | Email

(718) 857-7433

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