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We have partnered with bike fit, ergonomics, and technology specialists for over a decade, to continually develop and improve our exclusive roll: Perfect Fit system to help people find the right sized bike in our shops. Building on this experience, we have translated this same proven system into a simple online tool to help you find your perfect bike fit at home.

The first step is to complete 3 simple body measurements you can easily measure yourself at home. We then combine your unique body geometry with the other information you share with us in your rider profile to develop your roll: Perfect Fit recommendations. 

We use these recommendations to build your new bike from scratch. First selecting the correct frame size, and then the correct contact points and set up to complete your new ride. 

We then mark each key contact point position, and provide you with the information you need to make sure your bike is set up correctly when it arrives. 

We choose to invest so much time, energy and care in making sure every bike we build is fit perfectly to you, because we know from experience that the correct fit can make or break your ride.  



Build Your Bike

Select Your own Size

If you’re unable to use our roll: Perfect Fit system, or are buying a bike as a gift for someone else, you are still able to select your ideal size based on the sizing recommendation below. Our bikes are designed to fit riders ranging in height from 5’ to 6’4”, using 3 distinct frame sizes, and contact points tailored to each individual frame size. Select your ideal match from the chart and we’ll build it for you.

Please consider that our frame geometries are also designed for the reach from saddle to handle bars to ‘grow’ as the saddle is raised. If you find yourself on the border between sizes, our recommendation is to size down for a more nimble, maneuverable feel to your ride. Or size up for a taller handle bar position and roomier cockpit. 

If you are still unsure of your size, please drop us a line at hello@rollbicycles.com and we’ll help you pick!