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We service all brands of bikes in our shops, and offer a range of comprehensive service packages, tailored to suit different levels of service needs. Our certified service teams also offer a full range of regular maintenance, component specific, customer build and special project services. Stop by one of our stores and chat to our team about your specific needs and we’ll be happy to help.

Level 1: fit to ride service package.  $65 plus parts

Our Level1 fit to ride package is designed to care for your bike and your body with the basic maintenance and roll: perfect fit adjustments to ensure a safe bike and comfortable riding. We inspect and adjust all major systems including braking, drive train and wheels, cleaning and lubricating all areas as we go to keep your bike adjusted and in ready to ride condition.

Level 2: fit to ride service package. $130 plus parts

Our Level2: fit to ride service package is designed with frequent use and performance in mind. In addition to the maintenance and roll: perfect fit services of our Level1 package, we fully remove and overhaul the drive train. Our Level2 package includes the installation of all new control cables to ensure smoother and crisper shifting and braking performance.

Level 3: fit to ride service package. $200 plus parts

Our Level3: complete overhaul is designed to ensure the performance and long life of your investment. First start by tearing down your bike to the frame, then we clean, inspect and lubricate all moving components before rebuilding your bike with new cable and housings to achieve like new performance.

Fix-a-flat. $10

We can take care of that for you while you wait for just $10, plus the price of your selected tube.

Complimentary Installation*

We offer complimentary installation on any new accessory or upgrade package you buy at roll:  Often this can be done while you wait, saving you both time and money. *Excludes cables, housing and tubes.

Have a Service Question?

Email us at service@rollbicycles.com and one of our qualified service technicians will respond to your question within 1 business day.