roll: Model Pelotonia17 Bike Raffle

If you own a bike and live in anywhere close to the proximity of Columbus, Ohio chances are you have either participated in or have seen first hand the impact that Pelotonia has had on our community in its mission towards One Goal. Through our shops, roll: has been proud to support the event and it's many riders and pelotons since the beginning, provided opportunities to give back to the community of survivors and their families to further research through our roll: Model program.

As part of our commitment in 2017 we have collaborated with Doug Ulman and the team to make a signature Pelotonia17 roll: bike, which we will be raffling off this month, with all proceeds go directly to Pelotonia.


The lucky winner will get to choose from any of our 3 bike models, design their bike online, and get a custom fit through our perfect fit process. We'll make sure their support for the cause is shown by putting it all together on a special edition Pelotonia17 branded frames. Anyone can participate, whether a Pelotonia rider, their friends and family or someone who saw this on Facebook and just wanted to win a new bike. 

We will be attending the opening ceremonies on Friday, August 4, where well be showing off the Pelotonia17 bikes, and selling tickets for the raffle in person. Come down to enjoy the festivities, and show your support for the riders and volunteers before we ride on Saturday.

Raffle tickets can also be purchased until the end of August at any of our stores as well as here on our website, and there is no limit on the number of entries per person.

Pelotonia is one of the biggest charity rides in the US and has raised over $130 million for cancer research and sees nearly 8,000 riders participate each year since the first time the event went on in 2009. Join us in our support of one goal, to end cancer. 


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