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Sarah and Brandon Fry up a Good Time on Bikes

Sarah and Brandon Fry up a Good Time on Bikes

Two of Columbus's finest young engineers, Brandon and Sarah, found out about roll: bikes through fried chicken. Yes, fried chicken and fitness can go together. I was able to speak with Sarah about her experience so far on her and and her husband's roll: bikes. Here is what she had to say.

Tell us about why you decided to get roll: bikes in the first place? 

Sarah: It seems strange that a passion for Hot Chicken is what led us to discover roll: bikes, but that’s exactly how it happened. We are regulars at Hot Chicken Takeover, and happened to see a shoutout to roll:’s kickstarter on Hot Chicken Takeover's Facebook one day. We’re both engineers, so we were immediately intrigued by the promise of a lightweight, customizable bike with disc brakes. “We’d always talked about how cool it would be to have a bike with disc brakes, but the ones we found were always far out of our price range,” says Brandon.

Sarah: We used to ride often with friends in college, and have always loved how biking brings people together. It’s an activity that we both enjoy doing together and can do for hours without being bored. Being out in nature has always been important to us, and biking is just one of the best ways to get outside and get moving! When we bought a house and got married, we always talked about bringing our old bikes with us to ride again, but never got around to it. The roll: campaign came at just a perfect time, so we took the plunge and ordered two new bikes!

You and Brandon were two of the few prototype test riders, tell us about that experience.

Sarah: We were thrilled to be part of the bike test program. We each got a prototype bike to ride around for a month, with Brandon getting the Adventure bike and Sarah getting the City model. From the first time we got on them, it was LOVE. The bikes were so smooth rolling and lightweight, and it felt like significantly less effort to ride them. My favorite ride from the month we had the test bikes was a day that we took them down to Xenia and rode on one of the paths there. We had been talking about trying out some of the paths near Xenia but had just never gotten around to it. It was the longest we’d ridden in years, and we felt so accomplished afterwards.

When you built your own bikes, which model you chose and how does that fit who you are?

Sarah: For our actual bikes, we ended up choosing the same models that we had tested since we loved them so much! I think Brandon appreciates having a bike with nice sturdy tires, while I really enjoy the smooth-rolling feel of the City. The thing that we loved the most was being able to personalize the bikes to what we like. Brandon got the crazy orange color, and I went for the gorgeous matte blue. In addition, we both picked the Brooks leather saddles as an upgrade…they looked way too cool to not try out!

As summer quickly approaches what plans do you have on the bikes?

Sarah: We’re really looking forward to riding our bikes a lot now that the weather is getting warmer. We hope to get back to how fit we were when we used to ride all the time in college.


Hate your Commute? Be Like Jason and Ride Your Bike

Hate your Commute? Be Like Jason and Ride Your Bike

Local bike mechanic and avid beard grower, Jason Dul, has been going car-less along with his wife for over 3 years. We just hooked him up with one of our City Models that he uses to "get to work, to the grocery store, to get take-out for dinner, out to the mall, and generally just takes me away from the hassle of owning a car." Very few dare to take a bike to the extremes like Jason does and he does it with a smile...hidden under a beard that makes Rubeus Hagrid jealous. Nothing Stops Jason from riding his bike on a daily basis, not snow, not hail, not even rabies infested chipmunks. 

Jason's bike in inches of snow. Nothing will stop him!

Relying on a bike to get around as much as the rest of America relies on their cars means much thought must go into every aspect and ability of a new bike when purchasing one. According to Jason "The ability to fit a 35mm tire and full fenders, along with a rear rack and my trailer hitch is a big deal" which is why he went for the City model. This ability will be crucial for Jason and his wife's move next month from their old apartment to their new condo on the other side of downtown. Moving typically looks like a UHaul, some pizzas and a couple of buddies to lend a hand for the move. Not for the Duls. They are strictly using bicycle power to move. Jason and a few friends will be moving everything from boxes to furniture with trailer hooked up to their bikes. Talk about a long haul! 

Jason's bike loaded up for the move

It only takes 30 seconds to realize that Jason is an individual who refuses to fit into any mold or label. Self-expression is a way of life for Jason, whether it's the color of his beard that he dyes to match his wife's hair (also an individual who refused to fit into any mold or label) or his attire, which generally consists of gear sporting his current city. So when it came to designing his bike it was easy. He picked orange because it matched his beard at the time. He loaded it up with the commuter dream pack of full coverage fenders with extended mudflaps and a rack with waterproof panniers then topped it all of with a Brooks B17 saddle. His bike screams JASON DUL

Jason isn't just a guy who rides his bike to work every day because he has to and doesn't enjoy riding for ridings sake. He has big plans for his bike this summer. He wants to lead an overnight bikepacking trip once a month which he said anyone is welcome to join. They will be more about experiencing the great outdoors and adventuring than they will be about pounding out tough miles on the bike, ranging from 30-50 miles. The bike of choice for those trips will be Jason roll: City model. Visit him at the Bexley roll: store or email us and we'll get you hooked up for one of those trips. 


Jason is a bike mechanic at the Bexley location